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Breast Implant Illness. Why I REMOVED MY BREAST IMPLANTS 3 Years Ago + Why Thousands Of Women Are Waking Up To The Truth That The Plastic Surgery Industry Won’t Tell You. Part 1

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The Shark Effect | In this podcast, you will hear inspirational & humorous stories from leaders of all walks of life: From current and former professional athletes, coaches, authors, experts, executives & successful business owners. Discover how these leaders not only overcame obstacles but also learn core principles that lead to their success when leading others.


Being diagnosed with a chronic illness changes a person’s life to a whole new level. Dr. Jockers is joined by a holistic nutritionist who wowed the world by her 95 percent recovery success from chronic illnesses, Kristen Blake. From being practically bedridden to actively in control of her diet, sleep, stress, and nutrition, Kristen was able to heal what almost seemed incurable. Today, she’s here to talk about how to cleanse your body from toxins and take your life back, for good!

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