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Kristen Blake is health and wellness expert who takes an integrative approach to your health.
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The KB Code is my transformational 12 week program to end all other programs, cleanses and trends. We'll finally get down to the root of your issues and help you heal your body on a foundational level. In 12 weeks you can feel the best you ever have.

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You CAN shake off the brain fog, the bloat, the aches and pains...

and have boundless energy, feel incredible and fit back in those jeans...

without crazy diet fads or trendy lotions and potions.

All you need to do is learn what foods and lifestyle factors work best for your unique body.


Today's health and wellness space is incredibly confusing,

I'm here to guide you through it all and show you the way back to true health.

Get inspired and take an integrative approach with KB Wellness.

With a focused, integrative approach, my clients have gotten incredible results.

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I now wake up feeling more energized than I have felt in years! Kristen is passionate [...] 

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d i n a

I was diagnosed in 2012 with Stage 4 diffuse large B cell lymphoma, went through [...]

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My quality of life for my future is now high because of my work with Kristen [...]

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I’ve got a Black Belt in Integrative Nutrition 

After years of countless doctors visits, migraines, rashes, high fevers, and even passing out, I felt hopeless. Lonely. Scared. Worried that I would stay that way forever. 

I finally had enough when my babies started to develop the same symptoms. 

I started digging in and doing my own research. That’s when I stumbled upon the world of functional medicine. I soon discovered that there was SO much out of balance in my body. Once I found out the root causes for everything I had been experiencing, I got to work fixing them. 

I can help YOU do the same.


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I work hard to distill the research down and simplify the complex for you. 

Read my health and wellness blogs here. 

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