If you've never done a parasite cleanse, chances are very good that you have parasites.

If you've never done a parasite cleanse, chances are very good that you have parasites. 

But don't take my word for it. Find out for yourself. Do my parasite cleanse and WATCH. WHAT. HAPPENS. Seeing is believing right? 

I have yet to put someone on a parasite cleanse that didn't email me freaking out over what they saw leaving their body. 

I know, it's creepy to think about but the good news is, you can get them out safely, quickly and easily. I'll walk you through it in my parasite cleansing guide. 

Find out for yourself. Do my parasite cleanse and WATCH. WHAT. HAPPENS.
Is It Finally Time to Feel Better? 
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Do you have any of these symptoms? 
  •  iron deficiency anemia
  • teeth grinding
  • constant hunger and/or cravings
  • unexplained weight gain or weight loss
  • gas, pain, bloating, digestive distress
  • acne
  • itchy anus
  • easy bruising
  • crawling sensation
  • fatigue
  • weakenss
  • anxiety
  • insomnia

If So, You're In The Right Place. 


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The KB Wellness Parasite Cleanse

A quick and easy course designed to walk you through how to get rid of parasites (the right way) step by step.

Upon purchasing the course you'll receive immediate access to all of the handouts, videos, guidance, and resources in the course platform. 

Did you know parasites give off toxins when they die? Let me walk you through how to detox and cleanse your body of parasites the RIGHT way, so you don't end up feeling worse than when you started. 


Let's be real here, no one's ever said "wow I wish I DIDN'T invest in my health and learn more about utilizing tools to optimize my health and wellness" ...right?

So what are you waiting for? Grab this course TODAY. 

Yes! I Want To Improve My Health TODAY!

What's in this course and why did I create it?

I quickly realized most people are doing parasite cleanses WRONG and causing way more harm than good! Check out this quick 5 minute video to learn more about how this course can help you do it RIGHT! 

Improve your health and feel like your old self again with KB Wellness.

Client success story!

"I'm in progress with my parasite cleanse right now and after two years of not feeling "right" I'm finally feeling like my old self again within just a couple of weeks on the protocol! 

I'm expelling worms that I would have never imagined I had. My stomach is no longer bloated, gas is gone!

My mental state is back to feeling like my old self again. 

Kristen is very experienced and will guide you step by step on what needs to be done. It's been easy and results have been proven in just a short amount of time. 

I believe in parasite cleansing and will now make this part of my health plan." 

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Hey there, I'm Kristen — Founder of Kristen Blake Wellness.

If you’re still reading this, you deserve to know a little bit more about me and why I’m so incredibly passionate about doing what I do...
I used to be sick. All the time. I went from Dr to Dr and got nothing but shrugs and blank stares, and sometimes a few prescriptions here and there that only added new side effects to my already growing list of symptoms. 
When I started having babies, and saw the same cycle with them, something inside of me screamed ENOUGH. 
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I realized there had to be a better way. A way to find the root cause of our problems, and heal it from the inside out. 
I dove into research, spending countless hours pouring through medical journals. 
At the time my husband was playing for the Lakers and I began working with their amazing Dr and Nutritionist on making changes for our family. 
I went on to go back to school and completed several certifications in integrative nutrition and autoimmune protocols. 
I sought out and worked with some of the top doctors and nutritionists in the country. 
And I’m currently completing my Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition and Human Performance. 
Through our health journey I realized I had a deep passion for all things health and healing, so I opened my practice Kristen Blake Wellness years ago. That passionate fire for health burns bright in me today. 
Over the years I’ve spent hundreds of hours in the trenches with clients working on everything from migraines, eczema, diabetes, gut health, mold illness, high blood pressure, weight loss and so much more. For years I’ve been perfecting my total body optimization protocol to help rebuild the body from the inside out and restore it to total health. 
And that’s why I’m so passionate about what I do. Let me take you by the hand friend. Let me guide you along your journey to amazing health.