Are you struggling with your hormones?

Are you sick of feeling constantly bloated and constipated? 

Are you so confused by what foods serve your body best (and which ones make it mad?) 

Do your labs keep coming back "normal" when
you know something is wrong?

I know JUST how you feel.

You can feel better.  

It's time to stop the overwhelm.

It's time to stop feeling subpar all the time.

It's time for expert guidance.

And it's time to feel the best you ever have.

Let's do it together.


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Finally get the answers & relief you've been looking for with 6 months of customized support.

Here's what it looks like:


Lab Testing

One comprehensive functional lab, plus a secondary lab based on our conversation at your initial visit. 

* Additional tests may be added a la carte.

Wellness Plan

Together, we create a sustainable wellness plan that's as unique as you — one that will guide your body to optimal health and wellness. 


Individual support from your professional team specifically matched to your needs and their expertise — includes monthly calls, progress monitoring, feedback, and 24/7/365 messaging.


Therapeutic Grade

Lifetime access to therapuetic grade supplementation with a lifetime 10% discount, and most importantly, the education to use it strategically and safely.


  Labs, supplements and your 1:1 program are now all HSA/FSA eligible! 



Women with:

  Gut dysfunction, constipation, and diarrhea

✓  Hormonal imbalance

✓  Constant fatigue

✓  Anxiety and sleep troubles

✓  Skin issues like acne and eczema

✓  Unexplained hair loss

✓  Stubborn weight

✓  Migraines and headaches

Women who:

✓  Want to get to the root cause of their health problems

✓  Are ready to take extraordinary action

✓  Want to learn more about how their body works and how to optimize their health lifelong

✓  Are done being told their labs are "normal" when they still feel awful

✓  Are DONE with feeling dismissed by their practitioners

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"After many years of trying to figure out why I felt fatigued, hormone issues, brain fog, etc...

the ONLY thing that really really sparked my journey was to work with Kristen.

She put all of the information together holistically which made my health issues very logical - because she explained it all on the basis that the body is complex and a system, which cannot be treated in single measures like the traditional doctors do.

I have learned so much about my body during only these weeks working with Kristen, and this has really made me feel empowered and that I’m not crazy at all. I’m so grateful I invested in Kristen’s help."


"Kristen took the time to put together a super individualized plan, specific to me, she studied my recent lab reports to recommend the appropriate supplements to help heal my body that had been broken down by chemo.  

Kristen is super compassionate and has a genuine desire to help people heal. I would 100% recommend her.


"When I started working with Krsten I had been diagnosed with infertility and had thyroid issues and period problems and everything else it looked like it probably wouldn't happen for me. 

Fast forward two years in my healing journey: I'm feeling amazing (probably the best I've ever felt), my labs are amazing and surprise - I got pregnant!

I've never been pregnant in my life but somehow got myself healthy enough to where my body said "yup let's have a baby at 39!"

I feel so lucky and blessed and like this is such a miracle. Thank you Kristen for all your help and education. It's really made a difference in my life".


Hi, I'm Kristen Blake, MS.


I'm the founder and CEO of KB Wellness. 

I've had the distinct blessing and honor to work with hundreds of women on finding and reversing the root cause of their symptoms so they can finally achieve health they only thought possible in their dreams. 

After decades of chronic illness, I was able to get well when my eyes were opened to functional medicine and holistic health. Fueled with my new passion I went back to school and now hold a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition and Human Performance, a Bachelors in Psychology, a certification from the Institute for integrative Nutrition and a certification from the Autoimmune Protocol.

I've since dedicated my life's work to helping women understand their bodies so they can Heal from Within. 

I am so blessed to have an incredible team of practitioners who share my same mission.


Meet Jacqui Zimmerman, RD


Jacqui brings both decades of experience as a registered dietitian and personal experience overcoming autoimmune thyroid disease herself. As a certified health coach and certified Autoimmune coach, Jacqui works with you to guide you to a deeper understanding of what it means to truly nurture your mind and body to wellness.

Jacqui specializes in gut health, thyroid health, and autoimmunity. 


Christine Hawes, RN, IFNCP, CHC

Christine combines her 30 years of experience as an RN with her Functional Health and Coaching certifications to guide you through holistic healing. She uses an integrative systems approach to address and reverse root causes of symptoms. Through intensive assessments and personalized attention, she designs a roadmap to optimal health and well-being that is tailored to your unique needs.

Her mission is to empower you to enjoy a long and vibrant health-span. Christine specializes in 
Metabolic Health & Weight Loss, Brain Health, Inflammation Reduction.


Carrie Sink, HHC

Carrie combines her Holistic Health Coach certification with additional training in Gut Health and GI Mapping to bring over a decade of personal and clinical experience walking others through holistic gut healing.

She believes in a root cause approach to finding freedom and relief from chronic digestive health concerns.

Her mission is to encourage others that there is hope for healing, and to fall in love with the journey.

A Detailed Breakdown of
Heal From Within

We support you for 6 months with customized support to finally feel better.
And we don't stop there.    


  We keep you organized 3-ring binder with pre-labeled divider tabs to perfectly match your healing journey. 

✓  You receive a hand select selection of my favorite non-toxic products you'll love so you feel showered with care and support (and organization!).


We do a lot of listening so we understand you — your personal health and family history, supplements, medications, and any past lab results. 

✓  We begin to connect the dots between your past & present symptoms to determine which lab tests will provide the most helpful, objective data to develop your personal roadmap to healing.


  Through our getting to know you period we'll decide upon which comprehensive functional labs will best help us get to the root of your problems. 

Your labs will be shipped to your door with a pre-paid return envelope to make your testing quick and easy for you.


  Based on your lab results we connect more dots between your symptoms and history — something you and your provider may have overlooked in the past.

✓  We develop a custom plan to help you fix your problems — it's the "aha" moment that uncovers the truth about your symptoms and their root cause!


  You get two 1:1 support sessions on Zoom with your hand-picked team each month — that's 12 total sessions — to unpack what's going well (or not) and make adjustments.

✓  We deep dive into other factors that impact your health — like nutrition, toxins, hidden oral infections, mold, stress management, and more — leaving no stone unturned so you can finally reach your health goals. 


  You get access to our HIPAA protected client portal where you can message us for support in between sessions.

✓  Get immediate help when you need it — ask that burning question you thought of after you got off your support call or get support for a current health issue or question when it arises. 


  We don't leave you hanging or wondering what's next! We talk about your next steps in our final session.

✓  We discuss your supplement plan, long-term dietary plan, and what kind of routine testing will help you feel fully confident in maintaining your new found health


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Hi, I'm Kristen

 After years of countless doctors visits, migraines, rashes, high fevers, and even passing out, I felt hopeless. Lonely. Scared. Worried that I would stay that way forever. 

I finally had enough when my babies started to develop the same symptoms. 

I started digging in and doing my own research. That’s when I stumbled upon the world of functional medicine. I soon discovered that there was SO much out of balance in my body. Once I found out the root causes for everything I had been experiencing, I got to work fixing them. 

I can help YOU do the same.

Read more about Kristen's Story


We've helped hundreds of women so far — and we can help you too!

Still on the fence?


What will you will feel like 6 months or a year from now if you do nothing?

Will you still be struggling with your hormones?

Still sick of feeling bloated and constipated?

Still confused by food or lab results that tell you nothing is wrong?

Now, imagine the alternative.

You finally have real answers, real solutions, and you feel so much better. That's what so many of our clients have experienced when they work with us. And you could be next...

I understand your hesitation, but don’t worry — I only accept women into this program I feel confident I can help, which is why I require everyone to fill out a quick application and meet with me on a quick Zoom call. 

It's our chance to interview each other! I get a good understanding of your needs to ensure your health issues and goals are a good fit for our zone of genius... and you get to know me better, too.

Ready to finally get the answers and help you deserve?

Let's talk!