Feb 11, 2020


Introducing the magical potion known as “Restore” and how it can save the world, one gut at a time.  

Restore is probably the most complex gut health supplement I’ve ever attempted to define.

Restore has the ability to:

  1. Enhance communication networks between beneficial bacteria in your microbiome
  2. Increase mental clarity and improve immune function
  3. Mitigate the damage of glyphosate
  4. And heal separated tight junctions

…..all in ONE product that is essentially a bottle of really, really, really, old dirt. 

Say what? 

old dirt

Let’s start with what Restore is and is not.

It is not a probiotic or a prebiotic as one might initially assume when hearing the term “microbiome”.

It is a soil-derived and carbon-rich alkaline liquid comprised of Terrahydrate. Terrahydrate is a combination of aqueous humic substances, trace minerals, and amino acid complexes (aka old dirt).  

Why is this old dirt so fancy, and how does it do all those things?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere for the past century, you’re likely aware that we’ve torched our Earth.

Soil is depleted beyond what we can truly begin to wrap our brains around.

Chemicals are found in every single substance on earth now, including umbilical cord blood.

And weather patterns are out of control.

With this destruction of our planet comes the destruction of our health. It stands to reason that to reverse the damage to our bodies. We need to go back in time to when the Earth was not so damaged as well. That’s where the old dirt comes in.

Zach Bush, the founder of Restore, has found a specific source of soil deep in the Earth that has the same microbial, trace mineral, and humic acid construction that existed back when dinosaurs roamed (and nuclear power plants did not). This is the basis for his groundbreaking gut health supplement.

Let’s go back and take a closer look at each of Restore’s key benefits, one at a time.


First, it has the ability to enhance the communication network between beneficial bacteria in the microbiome.  

Thanks to the “microbiome” becoming the hottest buzzword around these days, you are likely aware that we have a VERY complex set of organisms living within our gut that range from bacteria to parasites to fungi.

The goal is to have a host of beneficial organisms that are strong, healthy, and work with your body and your immune system. If this is in place and there is accidental contact with a bad guy (think giardia or candida overgrowth), the good guys work with your body to overpower the bad, and you’re none the wiser for it. Restore has been proven to promote a positive shift in your microbiome to accomplish just that. 

One of the most important ways it does this is through enhancing the communication network in your gut. Allow me to illustrate the point.

Imagine multiple FBI officers spread throughout the bustling city of New York chasing down bad guys….without any communication with each other. We’ve all seen enough movies of this type to know that will not go well.

Now picture the same chase, but the FBI team is in constant communication so they can work together to apprehend the culprit.

In this same way, we want our gut “good guys” to communicate, but they can’t in the scorched and fractured environment we’ve created for them thanks to antibiotics, toxins, vaccines, chemicals, pesticides, and more. That’s where Restore can save the day. This gut health supplement’s carbon-based redox molecules (which are from “ancient fossilized soil,” aka old dirt) help restore the communication network between bacteria in the gut, mitochondria, and cells in the body. Mission accomplished.


The second key benefit of Restore is enhanced mental clarity, improved immune function, and tight junction sealing.

The first two are essentially accomplished via the latter. We have barriers in our gut that keep the outside world out and separate from our inside world, and most importantly, the immune system which lies right behind this barrier. The barrier in your gut has a gate system called tight junctions. When these tight junctions become damaged, they open up. The result is intestinal permeability (aka leaky gut). Intestinal permeability allows anything to waltz right through your gut (pesticides on your food, a parasite hitchhiking in your pork or on your fruit, etc.), where this “outsider” then interacts with your immune system. Your immune system consequently freaks out and goes on high alert.

This “freak out” results in a variety of ailments that depend on the genetics of the individual, the epigenetics, the current illnesses, the current state of the immune system, and more. The symptoms range from brain fog, disrupted neurotransmitter production and consequent mood disorders, asthma, allergies, eczema, rashes, and more.

Restoring this tight junction seal with a gut health supplement is a crucial first step in reversing the immune response and therefore eliminating the symptoms that result. Restore has been shown to improve this tight junction seal which is nothing short of miraculous.


The third key benefit of Restore is its ability to block glyphosate uptake.

Glyphosate, Monsanto’s evil creation, is sprayed all over this earth with reckless abandon. Since 1974, when Roundup was first commercially sold, more than 3.5 BILLION POUNDS of glyphosate has been used in the US alone. Even organic foods have unfortunately been shown to carry trace amounts of this dangerous chemical (this is because it’s in the wind, the rain, and everywhere else these days, there is no escaping it, even when a farmer is not intentionally using it).

If you’re not aware of just how dangerous glyphosate is, I encourage you to spend a little time educating yourself. Dr. Mercola, who runs the world’s #1 visited health site, says:

“Glyphosate is the single most important factor in the development of multiple chronic diseases and conditions that have become prevalent in Westernized societies.”

Yikes. Research also shows it has a synergistic effect and amplifies other chemicals and toxins in the body. Glyphosate has also been linked to several different kinds of cancer, most notably hormone-dependent cancers. It is nasty stuff, and you do not want it absorbed in your body. Taking a shot of a gut health supplement like Restore with each meal blocks the absorption of Glyphosate. Think of it as your safety net in case there are any amounts of Glyphosate in the food you eat. 


Giving back: the gift that keeps on giving

One of the best parts of Restore doesn’t have anything to do with the benefits bestowed upon the user as a gut health supplement, but rather the benefits bestowed upon the WORLD with profits generated by Restore users.

Taken directly from Restore’s website:

“We reinvest Restore profits in research and development for sustainable technologies and solutions in global health, energy, and ecology.” 

Just a few examples of their research are the development of an internet-based program for global scientific collaboration and invention; research to improve the quality of life for companion animals, livestock, and other noble beasts; and research to mitigate the damaging methane gas production in factory farming operations. 


The final word

The effects of Restore are both wide-ranging and powerful. I do not believe using this alone will solve every problem in life, but I certainly advise my clients to integrate this gut health supplement into their healing protocol at the appropriate point in time. Restore is only sold through health care providers and is not available at your local health food store because it is such a powerful gut health supplement. It is best to make sure you are at the right place in your healing protocol before adding it in, as it can be powerful enough to create negative side effects in certain individuals if their body is not ready for it. 


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