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No one is protecting you but YOU.  

Most people think the government regulates the safety of health and beauty products, but sadly, it does not. Out of 18,000 different chemicals in use today, the vast majority remain untested for safety. In fact, we haven’t had any real laws for beauty products since 1938, and even then, it was only a two-page document. 

These chemicals can disrupt our endocrine system. Sometimes they are almost identical to our real hormones, so they can disrupt the hormones in our body and can lead to hormonal acne, estrogen dominance, estrogen-mediated cancers, and more. 

Some products even have high levels of heavy metals. A study done in 2010 tested 400 different lipsticks, and 100% of them tested positive for lead. The WHO says there are no safe levels of lead, but the average woman eats several tubes of lipstick a year on average.  

Toxins lead to weight gain, hormonal imbalance, and more

On any given day, the average...

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