What Causes Brain Fog

Dec 25, 2020

I bet you’ve been told your brain fog and fatigue are normal. Instead of telling you what causes brain fog and fatigue and how to fix it, you’re told it’s fine. Maybe you’re a mom and you’ve been told it’s “mom-brain” or maybe you're 40 or over and you’re told it’s “aging”. 


Guess what? It’s not normal.

None of this is normal. You should not have brain fog or fatigue. You should be able to finish your sentence, every single time. You should know where you last put your keys, easily. You should be able to follow your child’s entire line of thought, no matter how all over the place it may be. If not, there is something wrong with your brain. 


Usually, it’s a sign of inflammation in the brain. But what causes this inflammation?


Reason #1 for brain fog: Mold. 


50% of buildings in the world are water damaged and 25% of the population is predisposed to mold illness, also known as CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome). For sensitive individuals, mold exposure is a major cause of inflammation and brain fog. To learn more about how to find out if your home is moldy and if it’s impacting your health make sure you check out my video series on mold where I break it all down for you. If mold is the cause of your brain fog it’s imperative that you learn as much as you can about it to start to fix it. 



Reason #2 for brain fog: Blood sugar imbalance. 

The brain’s preferred source of fuel is glucose or blood sugar. If you don’t have stable blood sugar all day though your brain is going to be sputtering along using the fuel then running out of fuel on and off all day long. Most people I meet are pretty terrible at balancing their blood sugar so I recommend working with a professional nutritionist or dietician like we have here at team KB Wellness to teach you how to properly balance your blood sugar easily all day long for stable energy with no brain fog and no crashes. APPLY HERE TO WORK WITH KB WELLNESS. 



Reason #3 for brain fog: Mercury amalgams also known as silver fillings. 

Mercury fillings actually off-gas every second of every day allowing mercury vapors to accumulate in your brain causing mercury toxicity in the brain and severe brain fog. If this is a factor for you, you need to be extremely careful about removing the mercury amalgams the right way and extremely careful about detoxing from the mercury as well. When searching for a dentist look for one certified by the IOMT and if you need to detox I prefer a gentle detox approach using products like CellCore’s HMET instead of a potentially more dangerous approach like IV chelation. BUY CELLCORE’S HMET HERE WITH CODE HB6MKGS5



Reason #4 for brain fog: Thyroid problems

One of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is brain fog, and unfortunately, hypothyroidism is seriously underdiagnosed. I have a full video on exactly how to test your thyroid here and I have a free downloadable PDF that walks you through exactly how to test your thyroid using a direct-to-consumer lab - no Dr needed!



Reason #5 for brain fog: Candida. 

Candida gives off several potent toxins, two of which are arabinose and tartaric acid. These toxins travel to the brain and can cause serious brain fog. Treating candida can be tricky so I recommend working with a gut expert here if you can but a good place to start is to reduce sugar consumption, as sugar fuels candida. 



Reason #6 for brain fog: Leaky gut. 

When you have a leaky gut, inflammatory particles can translocate, which means travel through the bloodstream. They can then can reach your brain and cross the blood-brain barrier, as research is now showing those with leaky gut often have a leaky brain (permeable blood-brain barrier) as well. Healing your gut is crucial here. I use the 4 R’s in my practice and what this looks like is going to be different for everyone depending on exactly what we’re dealing with so again, working with a gut expert is a good idea. 



Reason #7 for brain fog: a High toxic body burden. 

If your body is backlogged with toxins, the liver has a hard time keeping up. The toxins will just keep building up which causes serious brain fog, inflammation, and a whole lot of other symptoms. Lowering your toxic body burden will take a lot of work on your part but a few things you can do to get started are to swap out all of your house cleaning, laundry, dish soap, and other home products with non-toxic products and swap out all of your beauty products with non-toxic products too. That means lotions, shampoo, makeup, and more. Doing these two things will drastically reduce your daily input of toxins so your body can begin to eliminate the backlog. For more information on swapping out your beauty supplies check out this video and if you’re ready to start swapping head over to www.beautycounter.com/kristenblakewellness


So there you have it. The top reasons you may have brain fog are: 


Blood sugar imbalance

Mercury amalgams

Thyroid problems


Leaky gut

High toxic body burden


Now it’s up to you to figure out which of these is a factor for you so you can address your brain fog at the root cause. 

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