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Let's work together.

It's time to stop the overwhelm.

It's time to stop feeling subpar all the time.

It's time for expert guidance.

And it's time to feel the best you ever have.

I believe in creating integrated health and wellness plans that blend stress, sleep optimization, gut health, biomarkers, genetics, dietary analysis, and more to help you transform your health.

Ready to get started?

Fantastic. So am I. 

I have three levels of support to work together with you to help you feel the best you ever have. 

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One-on-One Coaching Options

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We Use Science-Backed Practices to Get Results

"After many years of trying to figure out why I felt fatigued, hormone issues, brain fog, etc...

the ONLY thing that really really sparked my journey was to work with Kristen."

"She put all of the information together holistically which made my health issues very logical - because she explained it all on the basis that the body is complex and a system, which cannot be treated in single measures like the traditional doctors do.

I have learned so much about my body during only these weeks working with Kristen, and this has really made me feel empowered and that I’m not crazy at all. I’m so grateful I invested in Kristen’s help."


Entrepreneurship advisor / Commercial actor

Is a group environment more your style?

I've got you.

We're not all looking for 1:1 support. I have an amazing membership for women seeking a community of like-minded women - all dedicated to the health and wellness of themselves and their families - with access to professionals who will give them science-backed recommendations and resources along the way.

Here's what you will find inside my signature membership.

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Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Valued at $200

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Live Monthly Guest Speakers

Valued at $50

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Monthly KBW Meal Plans

Valued at $50

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The KB Code Self-Paced Course

Valued at $297

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Additional Monthly Lesson Modules

Valued at $50

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Community Hub & Support

Absolutely Priceless

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Seasonal Menu Packs

Valued at $10

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Monthly Product Spotlights

with Exclusive Discount Codes

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Become a KBW Insider

20% off all KBW Products & Courses

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Access everything above, valued monthly at over $600, for just $147 per month! Put your name and email below and I'll let you know as soon as registration is available in November.

Are you looking for more budget-friendly options to help you improve your health?

I have an entire library of free resources, downloadable guides, and self-paced courses available for you.

Take me to the KB Wellness Resource Library