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I use an integrative approach

to health and wellness by focusing on not just food, 

but all areas of life.

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Heal From Within is focused on integrated health and wellness for amazing results.

 A one-on-one 4-month program where we'll take a deep dive into your health and come up with a custom roadmap to get you feeling the best you ever have.

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Schedule a one time consult with Kristen Blake.

This 12-module self-paced course lays the lasting foundations for health and helps you feel the best you ever have! Filled with resources & action items, you'll feel supported every step of the way.

Test, Don't Guess when it comes to your health.

This one-on-one 3-month program with KB Wellness' registered dietitian, Jacqui Zimmerman, includes 6 sessions, personalized nutrition plans, recipes & resources.

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"After many years of trying to figure out why I felt fatigued, hormone issues, brain fog, etc...

the ONLY thing that really really sparked my journey was to work with Kristen."

"She put all of the information together holistically which made my health issues very logical - because she explained it all on the basis that the body is complex and a system, which cannot be treated in single measures like the traditional doctors do.

I have learned so much about my body during only these weeks working with Kristen, and this has really made me feel empowered and that I’m not crazy at all. I’m so grateful I invested in Kristen’s help."


Entrepreneurship advisor / Self-Leadership coach / Commercial actor

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Jump start your keto journey.

I designed this course to teach you everything you need to know to go from total overwhelm to fully empowered mold master. After my masterclass, you'll be ready take back your home, your health, and your life!

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Our course guides you through everything you need to know about parasites.

This course guides you through everything you need to know about parasites, how you get them, what are the signs and symptoms, and how do you kill them (the RIGHT way...without making yourself sicker than before!) 

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Jump start your keto journey.

Proper diet is an essential part of any integrated health and wellness plan. This course guides you through doing Keto the HEALTHY way so you can lose weight, feel great, and improve your overall health all at the same time.

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Questions about working with me?

Click on the FAQs below so I can answer them for you! 

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