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I use an integrative approach...

to health and wellness by focusing on not just food,

but all areas of life.

I integrate stress, sleep optimization, gut health, biomarkers, genetics, dietary analysis and more to help you transform your health. 

I would describe Kristen as Smart as a whip, kind, compassionate, a wealth of knowledge, a problem solver, funny and could save the world from some of it's problems with her incredible work ethic and research skills if she was not so busy helping all of us and raising a family. 


There are several ways to work with me:

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AIP: Tribe

You don't have to be stuck with autoimmune disease. Join AIP: Tribe. A group program designed to help you navigate the confusing world of autoimmune illness. 

Join Tribe Here
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KB Wellness Fasting with Food

Anti-aging, weight loss, improved energy, mood, skin and metabolic health in just 5 days? Yes It's possible. 

Learn How Here
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Test Don't Guess

Stop wasting time and money trying random supplements, random diets, random treatments and let's figure out what’s really going on.

Learn More Here
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Interested in learning more about how I got my start in Integrative Nutrition through IIN school?

You can schedule a free 15 minute chat with me here and I’ll tell you all about it!

Schedule Here
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Need lab work done and having trouble convincing your Dr. to order the RIGHT ones? Using this link you can order anything from a thyroid panel to a Vitamin D level. You can bring the results to your Dr, or keep them for your own records and information.

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