Kristen’s Favorite Things - Holiday Edition

Nov 20, 2020

To say 2020 has been rough is an understatement, so let’s get cheery for a min, k? 


I love to give gifts and I bet you do too. 

But here’s the deal…..



I LOVE gifting my friends and family with presents that will make their lives BETTER and enrich them in some way. I don’t love the idea of buying something random...just because you saw it while you were wandering through the mall. I like my gifts to feel PURPOSEFUL! 


One year some family members were doing Paleo for the first time, so I got them a subscription box to Paleo foods that delivered cool new Paleo eats every single month. 

Another year I got everyone I love Beauty Counter makeup and skincare (yup, hubby included - they have a men’s line!) so they could STOP slathering toxic chemicals all over themselves every day and improve their health and wellness. Then there’s teachers' gifts. I usually do fancy essential oil gifts for them because let's be honest. They can use all the calming stress relieving oils they can get - they have the hardest jobs in the world as far as I’m concerned! 


I want to share some of my favorite things with you so you can start to check things off your holiday shopping list (both for yourself and for your loved ones!) because honestly what better gift is there than the gift of GOOD HEALTH?!


Let’s kick this off with some of my

favorite gifts under $100!


Safe Sleeve

Found on my amazon shop here:

My husband and I have been faithfully using these for years. I love that it blocks the constant EMF onslaught given off by our cell phones but I also love that it has a handy spot for credit cards, license, etc! I used to always forget my wallet but never my phone...well not my phone IS my wallet! So I never forget it! Gift the gift of EMF protection this holiday season, you won’t regret it. 

Organifi Juices

Shop here:

Make sure you use the code KBWellness for your discount too! 


Ok I’m just going to come out and say it. I’m obsessed. Not a day goes by that I don’t drink at least 2 organifi products, if not 3 or 4. The green juice is full of all the superfoods and greens you wish you’d actually eat...but you never do. The red juice is a metabolism enhancing energy booster and tastes like fruit punch and then the gold is an amazing reishi mushroom infused turmeric packed golden milk I love drinking as I wind down for the night. You can buy all three as the “Sunrise to Sunset” power bundle for a discounted price, or buy and try them individually. These make an awesome gift that will truly make your loved ones healthier (and they’ll actually like it because it all tastes amazing). 

Beauty Counter

Shop here:


For me, BC is more than just healthy makeup and skincare. It’s revolutionary. This company is actively fighting against corruption in the beauty industry that currently contributes to toxic chemicals in our beauty products, child labor for mica mining, and packaging waste. To learn more about Beauty Counter watch this video: “A Health Coach’s Nontoxic Beauty Routine”. And join me in the revolution and buy your loved ones some high quality, non-toxic, beauty with a purpose this holiday season. 


Golden Hour Palette


The Jellies - Shimmers

Polish - Lip Protection Duo



Next up, the GAME CHANGERS


These gifts are on the pricier end but these are the serious needle movers when it comes to improving health and wellness. These are great gifts to save up for someone special in your life, or to nudge nudge wink wink email to a loved one you’re hoping is saving up for you! Wherever these gifts land, I hope they bless you and your loved ones as much as each of these items has blessed my family and me as we worked toward improving our health over the years. 



Shop here:


One of the coolest tools to unlocking the health of my family through the years has been gaining a better understanding of their genetics. This test above will give you insight into neurotransmitters that impact anxiety and depression, vitamin d genetics that will help you understand your supplementation need, saturated fat handling genetics that will inform you of the safety or lack thereof of certain dietary choices, and more. 


There are a lot of great tests on the market, but this one, in particular, is my favorite due to the comprehensiveness of the test itself but also the easy to read reporting style. No degree in genetics needed for this bad boy. 



Shop here for a walk in wood sauna: (tell them Kristen Blake referred you for a discount) 

Shop here for a portable pop up sauna and use the code KBWellness for your discount:


This is by far the biggest needle mover for improving health that I’ve ever encountered and I’ve got the labs to prove it. After a terrible mold exposure in a condo, we lived in that had a pipe leak, we were all pretty darn sick, and our urine had extremely high levels of toxic mold present. After several months of 4x/week sauna use, repeat labs showed the mold had completely cleared, and with it went the many disastrous symptoms we were experiencing. 


Now I don’t know about you but there’s no way with basketball, baseball, soccer, school, and work that I would have been able to get all 5 family members into a sauna at a health spa four times a week. You know how I did it? Shoved em in there whenever we had a tiny pocket of time at our house in between activities! That’s why I think owning a sauna is an amazing investment in your health. Yes, it’s definitely an investment, these babies aren’t cheap. But sauna use has been shown to decrease ALL CAUSE MORTALITY by 40%, so is there a better investment to make than your LIFE?! I think not. 

Essential Oils

Shop here:

Switching over my household to essential oils was another big needle mover for us. Before oils, a tummy ache meant chemical-filled Pepto Bismol. After oils, a tummy ache meant a specific blended oil for digestion rubbed on my kiddos tummies. Before oils, our household cleaners were bleach and chlorine-filled. After essential oils, all of our cleaning supplies are 100% non-toxic and essential oil based. 


The kit I have listed here is a killer start to get all of the top oils you’ll need in daily life and make sure you sign up to become a member so you can get the full discounted benefits and I also highly recommend signing up for the loyalty program too which will ship you products of your choice each month and give you points for each and every product. This way you can start to slowly swap out your laundry detergent, dish soap, band soap, body wash, medications, fruit and veggie wash, and so much more. Each month grab a few more goodies and the points will keep piling up for you to use when and how you chose! 


Upgraded Kitchen Appliances:

Shop here:


Christmas is a great time to ask for a juicer, a kick a** blender, or that zucchini spiralizer you’ve been eyeing. Amazon makes it SO easy to drop hints. Head over to my kitchen store to see my personal appliances (and obvi. Top picks!) and forward the page to whomever you want to drop some hints too! ;) 

Luminous Red

Shop here: Affiliate link:


This is my FAVORITE red light device on the market. Its wavelengths are certified and third party verified, it has no flicker (unlike another famous red light device I won’t call out!), is waaaay more reasonably priced than the aforementioned other model and it has a VARIETY of wavelengths so you can customize your experience to fit your needs. Need to use it for increasing mitochondria? Cool the red light setting has got you covered. Want to use it for SAD (seasonal affect disorder?) awesome! They’ve got you covered there too!! Red light therapy has been shown to improve hair growth, reduce injury recovery time, enhance energy, and so much more. It’s one of the most versatile product investments you can make. So what are you waiting for? Grab it! 


Stocker Stuffers Ideas


Ok guys, don’t be that person that puts gum and a fuzzy topped pencil in the stockings this year. Let’s break out some cool stocking stuffer gifts! 


I’ve compiled a list of my fav tricks, hacks, and tools for biohackers and newbie health lovers alike. 


The Lumen

Measure your metabolism. Shop here:

This tool is a super cool way to measure your metabolism in real-time using your breath. I highly recommend it for anyone getting started on a health journey as an amazing tool to begin to learn more about themselves and the way their body responds to different foods. 


Shop here:

This page on my amazon store has a roundup of my favorite health and wellness books and cookbooks on the market today. Books are truly one of those gifts that keep on giving - I love giving books! 

Mold free, PAH free, 100% Organic Coffee

Shop here: and use the code KBWellness for your discount! 


Ok here’s the deal. Most coffee is actually full of mold and toxins. But not Purity. That’s why it’s the only coffee I’ll drink personally and the only one I’d give as a gift of course! Purity comes in decaf and regular, dark roast and medium roast, and even travel packs and single-serve packs! 


To learn more about the dangers of coffee head over to my full YouTube video here:

Essential Oils

Shop here:


Save yourself some money by grabbing an essential oils SET for a discount and then doll em out one stocking stuffer or teachers gift at a time! 


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