Oct 02, 2020


No one is protecting you but YOU  

Most people think the government regulates the safety of health and beauty products but sadly, it does not. Out of 18,000 different chemicals in use today, the vast majority remain untested for safety. In fact, we haven’t had any real laws for beauty products since 1938 and even then it was only a two-page document. 


These chemicals can disrupt our endocrine system. Sometimes they are almost identical to our real hormones so they can disrupt the hormones in our body and can lead to hormonal acne, estrogen dominance, estrogen-mediated cancers, and more. 


Some products even have high levels of heavy metals. A study done in 2010 tested 400 different lipsticks and 100% of them tested positive for lead. The WHO says there are no safe levels of lead but the average woman eats several tubes of lipstick a year on average. 


Toxins lead to weight gain, hormonal imbalance, and more

On any given day the average woman comes into contact with over a hundred chemicals. Think about it, between washing your hair and body, putting on lotions and all different types of makeup, deodorant, perfume, and more you’ve used over a dozen products and each product has dozens of chemicals in it. And guess what happens when you put these chemicals when you put them on your body? They are absorbed through your skin into your bloodstream. Every single day. 


Did you know that most toxins are fat-soluble? So if there is a build-up your body will store it as fat. The body knows it is a foreign substance, and in an effort to protect you it will remove the toxins from the bloodstream and store it in fat cells. Toxins can make it difficult to lose weight because your body will want to hold on to the fat cells as storage for the harmful toxins. 




Trying to get healthy? Start by STOPPING with the toxins 

I work with a lot of sick people. They have thyroid dysfunction, gut problems, weight gain, hair loss, insomnia, anxiety, and more. Even though these are diverse symptoms one of the steps to my signature healing program is detoxification. None of these issues can be solved when the body isn’t working well because the hormone receptors are clogged with toxins and the gut bacteria is imbalanced from toxins killing the good bacteria and the liver is backlogged with excess toxins and can’t do its job. 


To get my free guide to safer beauty click here: The Safer Beauty Guide


So what products do I use?

I know what you’re thinking. Oh gosh, she’s going to tell me to use coconut oil for moisturizer and crushed beetles for blush isn’t she? No. I’m not. Lucky you, I’ve gone through all the trial and error for you. When I started my health journey I searched far and wide for safe beauty and I used all the hippie weirdo products that were super safe...but didn’t work AT ALL and they were incredibly annoying to use. For example, one makeup company that shall remain unnamed wanted me to mix water with the mineral powder to make blush. Which meant I had to use a little brush and a little dish and mix it up and then wash everything after. Um. No. I do not have time to perform as much activity as baking a cake to just put on blush in the morning!! 


And besides the sheer hassle of it all, this “all-natural” company (and many others) didn’t have any preservatives in the products, which makes it really easy for mold, bacteria, and yeast to grow on the products! I was recovering from chronic illness when I was on this whole natural beauty search and the last thing I needed was to smear mold all over myself so once I learned that I stopped with those products real quick. 


And that’s when I found Beauty Counter. 



Let’s go step by step through all of my products and I’ll tell you exactly why I use what I use. 

Let’s look at Beauty Counter’s shower gel and shampoo and conditioner. You’ll notice BC doesn’t use the word “fragrance” because that word is basically a code word for “a bunch of toxins”. There’s a documentary called Masked that goes deep into the fragrance industry and the science behind the damage these particular chemicals cause but in a nutshell, if something says fragrance you will want to avoid it. Beauty counter’s body wash uses essential oils for a natural scent and I love it. 


Next up, skincare. Beauty Counter has several lines depending on your skincare needs. I personally like the Countermatch line for my combination skin. Dryer skin does great with CounterTime and oily acne-prone skin is a match made in heaven for CounterControl.


For makeup, I LOVE their Flawless in Five kit. It’s literally everything you could ever need for a quick and easy 5 minute morning makeup routine.




The Trouble with “Natural” Pigments

Remember how I mentioned many beauty products heavy metals (um hello lead lipstick!)? Heavy metals can create neuroinflammation, they are potent endocrine disruptors, and they can cause nutrient deficiencies by taking the place in the cell of other metals like iron, leading to iron deficiency anemia. So where are these metals coming from? In addition to lead being found in all the mainstream lipsticks tested in the 2010 study, many of the more natural companies use pigments from the earth, but guess what?? minerals from the earth but the earth can be full of heavy metals!! 


Beauty Counter carefully chooses all of their pigments and sometimes they intentionally choose a nontoxic synthetic pigment over a naturally occurring mineral if that is the safer choice. They utilize Tufts University as a third-party lab to test their products. In fact, they test everything three times to make sure it’s safe. 




The Dark Side of Makeup: Child Labor

Something else that’s really important to me about Beauty Counter is the mica they use. The majority of the makeup industry’s mica is mined using child labor, but not Beauty Counter. And I really admire that about them. This company doesn’t just make safe makeup that works, they have a huge social conscience as well. They’re a certified B Corp and they have been working tirelessly since the inception of the company to get safer beauty laws passed. 


The Deadly Stats 

Did you know that out of the 18,000 chemicals in the beauty industry today, the US has banned 30. Seriously. 30. Europe has banned 1,400. Canada bans 600. But BC bans more than everyone. They’ve banned 1,800 chemicals from their own products to protect us. 


Want to see Beauty Counter’s pledge for yourself: Check out their Never List



Next Steps

I’m not saying you need to take everything you own and throw it in the trash because that can be expensive and overwhelming. But maybe you Pick a few things at a time to replace and as you’re finishing up a product swap it out for a safer one. Start with ones you use every day like face and body lotion and go from there. One of my favorite ways to get started with safer beauty is beauty counter’s flawless in five. It includes mascara, foundation, eyebrow pencil, concealer pen, lipgloss, and blush. This is the go-to makeup routine that I use for everyday makeup and it really does just take me 5 minutes. 


Beauty counter even has a 60-day empty bottle free return policy which means you can fully try the product out, use it all up, and if you don’t love it, they’ll give you your money back! So there’s not much to lose there. 


I can’t tell you how happy I am with Beauty Counter’s safety, and performance, and how they fight for child labor and safer beauty. I just really love everything they do. So I’m hooked and I think you will be too if you give them a try. 


Overwhelmed? I get it and I want to help. Go ahead and CLICK THIS LINK to try out my free skincare consultation today! 



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