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Our mission at KB Wellness is to do away with one-size-fits-all bandaid solutions.

Because we all know that they simply do not work long term!

You need a team that hears you, digs deeper to find the issue, and supports you with attainable solutions that fit your lifestyle. You deserve lasting solutions to these symptoms that have held you back from being fully present in your life. All of our programs are centered around an individualized approach - from the labs and tests we recommend, to the tailored supplement protocols made just for you, from the customized nutrition advice, to the practitioners you’re paired up with based on your symptoms and goals.

We're all about finding real answers, not band aids.


At KB Wellness we have a fantastic team of experts ready to guide you to optimal health, each with our own areas of expertise and credentials.

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Kristen Blake, MS

Kristen is the founder of KB Wellness. She holds a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition and Human Performance, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Certification, an Autoimmune Protocol Certification, a HTMA Certification and brings over a decade of experience to her practice today.

A firm believer that gut health is central to overall health, Kristen's special interest is in gut health and she truly believes it is central to overall health.

Kristen's super power is connecting all of the pieces of the puzzle of your body to find the root cause of your symptoms and develop a targeted and customized plan to bring your body back into balance.

Her mission is to show the world you do not have to accept feeling anything less than amazing, you just need the right guidance and the right tools. 

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Christine Hawes CHC, IFNCP

Christine combines her 30 years of experience as an RN with her health coach certification and her functional nutrition training to guide you through holistic healing. She uses an integrative systems approach to address and reverse root causes of symptoms. Through intensive assessments and personalized attention, she designs a roadmap to optimal health and well-being that is tailored to your unique needs.

Christine specializes in Metabolic Health & Weight Loss, Brain Health, Inflammation Reduction.

Her mission is to empower you to enjoy a long and vibrant health-span. 

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Jacqui Zimmerman, RD, CHC

As an experienced Registered Dietitian, Certified Holistic Health Coach, and Autoimmune Protocol Coach Jacqui brings decades of experience to her work.

Having overcome her own autoimmune thyroid disease using diet and lifestyle changes, her special interests are thyroid health and autoimmunity.

Jacqui is incredibly skilled at simplifying the complex to help you understand how all facets of your health work together without overwhelm.

Her mission is to guide you to make meaningful and lasting changes from a place of education and empowerment.

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Carrie Sink, HHC

Carrie combines her Holistic Health Coach certification with additional training in Gut Health and GI Mapping to bring over a decade of personal and clinical experience walking others through holistic gut healing.

She believes in a root cause approach to finding freedom and relief from chronic digestive health concerns.

Her mission is to encourage others that there is hope for healing, and to fall in love with the journey.

We Use Science-Backed Practices to Get Results

"After many years of trying to figure out why I felt fatigued, and struggled with hormone issues, brain fog, and more...

the ONLY thing that really really sparked my journey was to work with KB Wellness."

"Kristen put all of the information together holistically which made my health issues very logical - because she explained it all on the basis that the body is complex and a system, which cannot be treated in single measures like the traditional medical system.

I have learned so much about my body even in just the first few weeks working with Kristen, and this has really made me feel empowered and feel like I’m not crazy at all. There is a reason I feel this way. I’m so grateful I invested in Kristen’s help."


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At KB Wellness we don't believe in one size fits all for your protocols, and we don't believe in it for our programs either!


Every individual has unique needs and is on a different part of their health journey, so we have a variety of programs at a variety of levels of support and budgets to help meet you where you're at.

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