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Jan 08, 2021

What are castor oil packs?

Castor oil packs involve saturating a cloth with castor oil and placing it over the area intended to treat with the addition of heat to help drive the oil deeper into the skin. Castor oil is a very thick high molecular density vegetable oil that’s been used for centuries as a natural home remedy for a huge variety of ailments because it can work on so many different systems of the body, from the immune system to the lymphatic to the liver and more. Castor oil has the ability to penetrate through all the layers of the skin so it can come into contact with the organs you are trying to target. 

castor oil packs


Benefits of castor oil packs

Castor oil packs are one of the most versatile home remedies you can have. Here are some of the different ways castor oil packs have been used: 

 1. Liver health

  • Castor oil has been used to help reduce the incidence of fatty liver (or NAFLD, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), to lower elevated liver enzymes (such as AST and ALT), and to aid in liver detox when detoxification pathways become overloaded or sluggish. 

 2. Reproductive organs

  • Castor oil has been used to support uterine and ovarian health, including reducing the size and number of fibroids and cysts, as well as improving overall fertility. 

 3. Lymphatic system

  • Castor oil has been used to help increase lymphatic circulation. Stagnant lymph can lead to lymphatic node swelling and decreased toxic excretion via the lymphatic system as well. 

 4. Inflammation

  • Castor oil has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation is often at the root of many chronic diseases today. 

 5. GI system

  • Castor oil has been used in a variety of ways to assist the gastrointestinal tract. When placed in the abdomen, castor oil packs have been shown to reduce constipation, reduce nausea, and Improve digestion. 

 6. The Immune system 

  • Castor oil has been shown to enhance the immune system, specifically T lymphocytes. Castor oil has also been studied for its efficacy as an antifungal and antimicrobial agent. 



It is advisable to abstain from utilizing castor oil packs when pregnant or menstruating, and of course, it is also advisable to speak to your doctor before adding anything new to your routine. 


How to make a castor oil pack


  • Castor oil (Look for hexane-free castor oil)
  • Flannel
  • Heating pad
  • Ace bandage
  • Glass container

 My recommended all-in-one kit for castor oil packs: Queen of Thrones

 Castor Oil Pack Directions:

  • Cut the flannel to the desired size. 
  • Soak the flannel with the castor oil in a glass Tupperware or jar. (You will be storing it after use in this container, you can reuse the flannel about 20 times)
  • Arrange towels around the area you will be placing the castor oil pack to catch any excess (it’s messy!).
  • Place the castor oil pack over the desired area, then wrap it with an ace bandage to keep it in place. 
  • Cover the area with a heating pad and sit back and relax for 45 minutes to an hour. 


For more information check out my youtube video on how to make a castor oil pack here!




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