Organifi: A Nutritionist’s Honest Review of The Popular Superfood Powders

Jul 21, 2021


Is It Worth The Hype? 


Buzz words like superfoods, antioxidants, and the ever popular new kid on the block, the Reishi mushroom are thrown in the face of every consumer looking to uplevel their health these days. The cacophony of noise in marketing can make it incredibly hard to discern what’s truly helpful for your health and what’s just hype. 

One product that has lived up to the hype for me is Organifi, but every product they make might not be right for everyone! So I’m going to give you an honest product review, complete with the benefits and full breakdown of some of Organifi’s top products. This way, you can find the products that are right for you as a unique individual with unique health needs! 

I feel confident drinking and recommending Organifi because their company is dedicated to testing for glyphosate, is always organic, and also always gluten free, dairy free, soy free, goitrogen free, vegan, and keto (WOW!).  

If you’d like to try any of their products at a discounted rate you can use my code KBWellness, linked right HERE! Disclaimer: because I truly use and love many of these products, I became an affiliate for Organifi. That is how I can pass these discounts on to you friends! As an affiliate, I receive a commission when you utilize my link. If you’d LIKE to use it, great! If not, that’s fine too! 

Looking to Increase Collagen in a Vegan Approved Way? 



One of my favorite powders is Glow. Glow is rich in Tremella mushrooms which helps increase hydration in the body so I drink this before, during, and after my workouts and sauna sessions to make sure I’m properly hydrated. 

Glow is formulated to help boost the body’s own production of collagen, without any added collagen (so it’s safe for vegans to consume). Glow has a light strawberry lemonade flavor which makes it the perfect addition to your pre and post workout water as studies show we are more likely to properly hydrate when drinking flavored beverages vs drinking water alone. 

This product also has only 19 calories and is high in Vitamin C, a widely known important support for your immune function. A less known fact about vitamin C, however, is its impact on the adrenal glands. The adrenals use up 3-4 times more Vitamin C in times of stress so it’s incredibly important to replenish these levels in times of stress! 


Need a Metabolism Boost? 



Organifi Red Juice was specifically formulated to provide an energy boost and metabolism boost, making this my preferred afternoon snack. Red Juice is a blend of antioxidant-rich berries and adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms. 

Honestly, this one is a little sweet for me if I use a whole scoop, so I typically just use a half a scoop or I mix a half scoop of Red with a half scoop of Glow. The tart lemonade flavor of the Glow balances the sweetness of the Red perfectly.  

Red juice has reishi mushrooms, known to decrease stress and increase immune function; cordyceps mushrooms, known for their anti aging and anti inflammatory properties; beetroot powder, which increases circulation and reduces inflammation; Rhodiola, a potent adaptogen known to help manage stress and support adrenal health; Siberian ginseng, another powerful adaptogen and immune booster; and an antioxidant blend too. 


Need a Brain Boost?



Pure powder is specifically designed to be a brain booster, I like to drink Pure when my brain starts to feel tired, especially as my workday drags on. I actually really like this flavor even though it’s kind of different (and really hard to describe). It’s sort of sweet and sort of sour at the same time. 

One of the key ingredients in Pure is coffeeberry which increases BDNF (aka brain derived neurotropic factor) which is literally like food for your brain. Higher amounts of BDNF correlate to lower risk of Alzheimer's, increased cognition, improved mood, and more. 

Pure also has Lion’s Mane Mushroom, which has been shown to improve mood and fight against anxiety and depression, and Baobab Fruit which contains a number of vitamins and minerals that improve digestion, hydration, antioxidant support and protects and repairs brain cell health. There’s even Apple Cider Vinegar in Pure, which is really good for digestive support, making this an excellent addition to any snack or meal. 


The VERY “Healthy” Tasting Green Juice  



Okay, time for some honesty again. I love what the Green Juice provides for me, but the flavor is something you have to get used to if you’re used to traditional green juices. Because... this green juice is very minty. If you’re not ready for it, it can be a bit weird. Sort of like drinking toothpaste… But once you’re used to it, it’s actually really refreshing and I’ve grown to like it. Even my husband likes it, and he doesn’t like anything healthy! So this green juice is a must have for health warriors, and a maybe if your taste buds can warm up to it for the less warrior-like health seekers.  

A huge benefit to this green juice is that it is free of goitrogens so it’s ok to drink even if you have a thyroid condition that necessitates low goitrogens. Most green juices have high goitrogen content so this is a big bonus for Organifi Green. 

Green also contains Ashwagandha, a powerful adaptogenic herb that helps modulate responses to stress or a changing environment. This is a wonderful herb for individuals under stress or “stuck” in fight or flight mode. 

Green also contains both coconut water - which is high in potassium and helps with hydration- and spirulina, which is not only a great source of plant protein while being high in iron and calcium, but it’s a great detoxifier too. 


Need Help With Stress and Sleep? 



The Gold series are known for their relaxing and restful sleep promoting properties. There are several powders in this line and they’re mainly seasonal. They all have the same base that we’ll discuss in a moment, but the different spices set them apart. The base of all of the Gold drinks is a blend of stress relieving adaptogens and herbs and anti-inflammatory turmeric.

The star ingredient is the turmeric, which has been shown in studies to help reduce pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety. Another key ingredient is ginger, which promotes healthy digestion and gut motility. Then there’s turkey tail mushroom which is an ultra powerful medicinal mushroom that promotes a healthy immune system, and finally, cinnamon which promotes healthy blood sugar levels.

The main benefits of Gold are that it promotes deeper sleep, relaxation, and a healthy natural response to inflammation. This is what makes it so amazing to drink at night to help with sleep and stress. 

As for the different flavors, there is the original Gold which has all the ingredients necessary to make a Golden Milk, a popular Aruyvedic drink high in the famous anti inflammatory herb turmeric. 

Next up is Pumpkin Spice Gold, which obviously has a pumpkin spice flavor and is seasonal and available for purchase in the fall only. This is delicious on its own or a wonderful addition to coffee for a healthy Pumpkin Spice Latte. 


My Favorites:



My personal favorite in this line is the Chocolate Gold, which is sadly only available for purchase during the winter months. I have recommended this product to the majority of my clients that struggle with falling asleep at night and everyone that I’ve told to try this product has LOVED it. 

My favorite way to drink all of the Gold series is in warm coconut milk. The Gold tastes like Golden Milk, the Chocolate Gold tastes like Hot Chocolate, and the Pumpkin Spice tastes like a PSL. If you’re hungry and craving something sweet, this recipe plus a scoop of protein powder or collagen powder is my favorite way to increase satiety and squash that sugar craving once and for all.

For my video tutorial on how I make my Healthy Hot Chocolate using Chocolate Gold go here:


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