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Are You Sick And Tired... Of Feeling Sick And Tired 

And Ready To Get Back To Who You Used To Be? 

It's time to take charge of your health once and for all. Let me help you lay the lasting foundations for health. 

Enroll in Heal From Within with Kristen Blake and turn your life around.
Is It Finally Your Time to Thrive? 
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Does This Sound Like You? 
  • You're ready to get healthy and feel amazing, but you're overwhelmed with all of the information on the internet and you have no clue where to start to put together a plan


  • You feel like you've tried every diet and supplement and fad on the market but never got anywhere


  • You're sick of feeling tired, anxious, sluggish, and just not "yourself" anymore


 If So, You're In The Right Place. 
My signature step by step program will help you get to the root cause of any of your symptoms and help systematically restore you to vibrant amazing health.
Health and wellness can be overwhelming, especially when you're swimming in an ocean of disorganized, free information all over the internet. 
Despite everything you might have been told, health is unique to each individual. There is no one size fits all approach. 
In order to feel your best you must uncover your root cause and tailor testing, nutrition, exercise, and supplements specifically to your body's needs - you need a comprehensive, bio individual, treatment plan. Which is exactly what I provide in this program. 
Heal From Within with KB Wellness



Heal From Within with Kristen Blake is designed to get to the root cause of your symptoms.

Heal from Within is a comprehensive protocol designed to help you take back your health and your life. 

In our very first meeting you and I will go deep into your health history, symptoms and goals so we can work together to uncover the root cause of your symptoms and design a plan to help you reach your goals.
Here at KB Wellness we take a holistic, integrative team approach because true, lasting health isn't JUST about food, or JUST about emotions or JUST about toxins. It's about EVERYTHING.
Each member of Kristen's team here at KB Wellness has specific specialties and strengths they draw upon in their work. Sam, our Certified Life Coach and Certified Cooking Instructor excels at helping clients set and reach goals, as well as learn new skills and a new level of comfort in the kitchen. Jacqui, our Registered Dietician and AutoImmune Paleo Coach can help you navigate the dietary restrictions that come with autoimmune disease with ease. Jaqueline, our Registered Dietician skilled in the hospital settings can help you transition away from your current diet to a clinically appropriate diet whether it's low FODMAP for SIBO, gluten free for celiac disease, or anything else.
Each week you'll meet with Kristen or another member of the KB Wellness team online for weekly sessions where you'll receive our guidance, accountability, and support throughout our entire time together.
Heal from Within is different from everything else you've tried. No more bandaids temporarily covering symptoms. This program is designed to help you find the root cause of your health struggles so we can address them at their very core. 
Heal from Within has three main steps. Heal, regenerate, thrive. Through these steps you'll dive in to find the root cause of your symptoms and address them at the deepest level. You'll heal your gut, remove hidden toxins from your life, and regenerate your body on a cellular level by optimizing your nutrition, tailoring it specifically to your unique needs. You'll optimize your sleep, upgrade your environment, and learn to master the medical world once and for all.
Upon completion of the program you will feel the best you ever have. 
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Improve your health with Kristen Blake Wellness.
...but does it really work?

check out what my clients have to say...

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Kristen Blake Wellness is devoted to improving your health.

Hey there, I'm Kristen — Founder of Heal from Within 

If you’re still reading this, you deserve to know a little bit more about me and why I’m so incredibly passionate about doing what I do...
I used to be sick. All the time. I went from Dr to Dr and got nothing but shrugs and blank stares, and sometimes a few prescriptions here and there that only added new side effects to my already growing list of symptoms. 
When I started having babies, and saw the same cycle with them, something inside of me screamed ENOUGH. 
Kristen Blake is the founder of Heal From Within.
I realized there had to be a better way. A way to find the root cause of our problems, and heal it from the inside out. 
I dove into research, spending countless hours pouring through medical journals. 
At the time my husband was playing for the Lakers and I began working with their amazing Dr and Nutritionist on making changes for our family. 
I went on to go back to school and completed several certifications in integrative nutrition and autoimmune protocols. 
I sought out and worked with some of the top doctors and nutritionists in the country. 
And I’m currently completing my Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition and Human Performance. 
Through our health journey I realized I had a deep passion for all things health and healing, so I opened my practice Kristen Blake Wellness years ago. That passionate fire for health burns bright in me today. 
Over the years I’ve spent hundreds of hours in the trenches with clients working on everything from migraines, eczema, diabetes, gut health, mold illness, high blood pressure, weight loss and so much more. For years I’ve been perfecting my total body optimization protocol to help rebuild the body from the inside out and restore it to total health. 
Heal from Within is the program I wish I had back when I was too tired, too overwhelmed, and too confused by everything out there to figure out which steps to take and what to do and where to go. I wish I had someone like me to take me by the hand and guide me every step of the way. 
And that’s why I’m so passionate about what I do. Let me take you by the hand friend. Let me guide you to total healing today. 
Here's to healing - I hope to see you on the inside. 
Feel like your old self again with KB Wellness
Heal From Within clients have nothing but praise for Kristen Blake.
I decided to go see Kristen and I'm so glad I did.
Meet Dina

I was diagnosed in 2012 with Stage 4 diffuse large B cell lymphoma, went through 4 months of chemo, beat it! Six years later I was diagnosed with a different kind of cancer, Burkett's lymphoma.  I beat it again but it left me feeling like I needed to make some changes. I felt super drained from all of the chemo so I felt like I needed to heal my body to be less prone to cancer. 

I decided to go see Kristen and I'm so glad I did. 

She took the time to put together a super individualised plan, specific to me, he studied my recent lab reports to recommend the appropriate supplements to help heal my body that had been broken down by chemo.  

Kristen is super compassionate and has a genuine desire to help people heal. I would 100% recommend her. 

Meet Nan

I now wake up feeling more energised than I have felt in years! Kristen is passionate about helping others achieve their goal of a healthy lifestyle. She is extremely knowledgable about what foods we should be putting into our bodies and what ones we should be eliminating. I recommend her to anyone that wants to live a long and healthy life free from toxins and pain!

I now wake up feeling more energised than I have felt in years.
My quality of life for my future is now high because of my work with Kristen.
Meet Ann

My quality of life for my future is now high because of my work with Kristen. Not only did I lost 20 lbs in first 3 months but because of her recommendations, we got my gut not only working again!  My moods better and my future now feels is bright because of Kristen! 

She is positive and gives you hope and when you have something go askew in your health, I would recommend my coach to Anyone; Especially those needing hope or feeling frustrated they have not found a solution or success.. 
She is focusing on the good out there and the research and science that will change our lives, our bodies, our souls and our world.
Kristen answers your questions.
Still have questions about Kristen Blake's Heal From Within?

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