Fasting With Food uses the Prolon fasting mimicking diet plan.

Does This Sound Like You? 

>>You’ve been social distancing so long your fridge is your new best friend, you want to quit it, but you just can’t. You need a serious hunger and cravings RESET.

>>You’d love to lose 5-10 pounds of fat but want to hold on to your muscle.

>>You’re inflamed and have achy joints or muscles, or old lingering injuries (that shoulder injury from football days?).

>>You’re puffy, bloated, and your gut needs a reset. Food and your gut are not friends right now.

>>You need help lowering dangerous biomarkers like high blood sugar, insulin, hs-CRP, cholesterol and blood pressure.

>>You’ve been in a health rut and you want to jump start a new healthy regiment.

>>You’ve always wanted to try fasting but you know it needs to be 5 days for full benefits, but you’re petrified of water fasting for five days, or have a medication that needs to be taken with food.


If So, You're In The Right Place.  

Are you ready to take back your relationship with food and jump start a whole new healthy way of life?

Prolon Fasting with KB Wellness is a tried and true process where we walk you through the Fasting Mimicking Diet plan with all the guidance, accountability, and encouragement you need to make it all the way through a five day fast using the Prolon Kit.

Improve your health and feel like your old self again with KB Wellness.
What my clients say about my fasting mimicking diet plan.
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Prolon Fasting with

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Improve your health with Kristen Blake's integrative nutrition.

What's the Program?


What's in the Prolon fasting mimicking diet plan?
Fasting mimicking diet plan prep phase handout.
You'll be 100% supported through the entire FMD process.

(Don’t have facebook? No problem! As soon as you buy your kit you’ll get your prep handout emailed to you, simply reply “I don’t have facebook” to that email and team KB Wellness will email you ALL the handouts you’ll need for the entire fast!)

Ready to do it? Let's get to it.
Improve your health with Kristen Blake Wellness.

Wondering If It's a Fit?


with KB Wellness is a fit if:

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It's not for you if...

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Questions about the FMD process.
Have questions about the fasting mimicking diet plan?

Because If Not Now, Then When?

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