The BEST Way to Kill Parasites

Sep 18, 2020

You deworm your pets every year….but do you deworm yourself? Did you know that most countries around the world regularly deworm….but for some reason, in the US we don’t think it’s necessary. 


Unfortunately.. it is necessary. Parasites are absolutely everywhere, and they’re often microscopic so you don’t even see them, but they can still wreak havoc in the body. Parasites are most common in the intestines but can travel to other organs as well, the next most common occurrence is liver flukes. 


Fortunately..there are plenty of natural ways to get rid of most types of parasites. Some of the more serious infections are best dealt with through pharmaceutical antiparasitic medication, but the vast majority of the parasites you encounter can be removed with herbal protocols. 



Where do they come from:

Because they’re often microscopic, you won’t see them, but they can be found in contaminated food and water, unwashed fruits or veggies, undercooked meat or fish, unfiltered ice, or water. 


Pinworms are really common in preschool-age children. Also known as enterobiasis, this is the most common helminth infestation in the United States, with an estimated 42 million infested Americans, translating to 14% of the population.


Another way of contracting a parasite, more common on tropical beaches, is from walking barefoot on the sand. 


Another key fact when it comes to parasites is that they are relatively easy to pass around, so they’re easily transmitted through entire families. This is why most practitioners recommend treating an entire family when any one member is found to have parasites. 



Dr. Jay Davidson (hyperlink the name to this: said the way to test for parasites is to take your fingers and place them on your pulse. If you have a pulse, you have parasites. 


All jokes aside, here are the most common symptoms seen with parasites:  

  1. persistent iron-deficient anemia not otherwise explained by heavy period bleeding or other reason 
  2. skin irritation - itchy skin
    • flare-ups most commonly occur on the inner thigh and upper neck
  3. teeth grinding
  4. itchy bum is common in kids with pinworms especially
    • pinworms often come out at night and can be seen with the “tape test” or “flashlight test” easily found on google
  5. aching in the body and joints
    • due to the toxins impacting the join areas
  6. feelings of apathy and fatigue and depression brain fog
    • this is because parasites steal nutrients and release toxins in exchange!
  7. never feeling full
    • parasites steal the nutrients so the body thinks you need more food
  8. worsening of symptoms around the full moon
    • because parasites flare up around the full moon
  9. IBS symptoms
    • due to their damaging impact on the GI tract
  10. travel abroad and got “food poisoning” like travelers diarrhea
    • this is often a case of parasites that hitched a ride on your food!
  11. never the same after food poisoning



There are several different types of parasites. There’s protozoa, tapeworms, roundworms, and each classification has several sub-classifications under it. For example, Giardia is a protozoa and Trichinella is a roundworm. 


Let’s talk about some of these different types….

  • One of the most difficult parasites to clear is blastocystis hominis 
  • Tapeworms are most commonly caught from eating undercooked pork
  • roundworms are usually passed to us by dogs and cats
  • toxoplasmosis gandhi is commonly caught from cleaning litter boxes, this is why Dr.'s will tell pregnant women not to clean litter boxes. We have cats and wear respirator masks and gloves when we clean the litter box
  • Giardia lamblia, and Entamoeba histolytica are commonly caught from infected water or fecal-oral transmission 



  • If you’ve ever done a stool test at a lab to try to find a parasite and were told you had none, you’re not alone. Most parasites are not captured by typical lab samples. Part of the reason is that they hold on so tightly to the GI tract that they often don’t come out with the stool, and even if they do, they can dissolve upon contact with the air so by the time they reach the lab there is no visible organism for the pathologist to see under the scope. 
  • One of the better ways to test for them is using something called a GI Map. it uses DNA PCR technology to look for DNA from the parasites, so it’s much more accurate than trying to find a parasite with a microscope in a lab. Even the GI Map has missed parasites though so sometimes just treating is the way to go! 
  • Remember, if you’ve never tried to kill parasites before, chances are you have them.


How to kill parasites 

You have two main choices here to kill parasites:

  1. Antiparasitic pharmaceuticals – these are effective but often have some pretty strong side effects
  2. Antiparasitic herbs – these generally need to be taken together in a blend and for longer than with the pharmaceuticals, but usually have fewer side effects 


No matter which method you chose I strongly urge you to be “ready” for a parasite cleanse before you do one. 


What does this mean? It means making sure all of your detoxification pathways are open before you begin killing something that will give off toxins…because if your pathways aren’t open when you kill parasites, guess where those toxins go? They stay in your body and circulate around, causing damage everywhere they go! If you make sure that your lymph is flowing, your bowels are moving, your kidneys and liver are supported; however, you’ll be in great shape when you actually start killing the parasites. 


I designed a course to walk you through killing parasites step by step and I highly recommend you take this quick and easy course. It’s only $45 and can be fully completed in under an hour. 


By the end of the course you’ll know how to:

  • Use specific anti-parasitic herbs like wormwood, garlic, oregano, cloves, grapeseed extract, to kill parasites 
  • How to use coffee enemas if needed to assist in moving toxins through the bowels
  • What other supplements and herbs I recommend to ensure your lymph, kidneys, and liver are all able to handle the parasite cleanse
  • What to eat while doing a parasite cleanse to maximize results, with a full meal plan, menu and recipes too      


Take the Parasite Course Here!”



How to keep them from coming back:


If you’ve successfully killed off parasites, using my course or some other method…how do you make sure you don’t get them back right away?! 


First of all, minimize your exposure by doing things like washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly prior to eating them, avoiding pork, cooking meat and seafood well (no more sushi – sorry!). 


Second of all, fix your FOUNDATION for health so your immune system and healthy microbes can kill parasites for you to keep them from taking hold should a few slip by your fruit washing or should you wander back to that sushi! Parasites can more easily take hold when people are run down, so laying the foundation for health is one of the best things you can do to ensure they don’t come back.


Third, repeat the parasite cleanse on a yearly basis at least. Simply make it part of your routine. Every year at the end of summer, for example, you could do a month-long parasite cleanse to make sure nothing has slipped through the immune system’s patrol! 


Parasites are everywhere, but they don’t have to ruin your life. Start with one big cleanse to get a clean slate, work on reducing your exposure, and lay the foundations for health so your immune system can help kill parasites and keep them from taking hold again, and you’ll be all set! Remember, if you are going to embark on a parasite cleanse, make sure that you do it SAFELY and prepare your body first! 


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