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In case you missed part one you can catch up quickly over here….“My Journey with CBD – Part 1”

Now that you’re up to speed we’ll continue along the journey. If you too suffer from inflammation or an autoimmune disease like me and have since given CBD a try I would LOVE to hear from you! Or maybe you were prompted to give it a try after reading my very first CBD post where I outlined the variety of potential benefits of CBD from anxiety and insomnia to metabolic dysregulation and more. If so, tell me all about it! You can read my full deep dive into the science of it all here, “Is CBD All it’s Cracked Up to Be?”.

Today, we’re going to talk about headaches. I honestly don’t know a single human who has not suffered from headaches. The range of suffering is wide, from the occasional tension headache sufferer, to the chronic migraine sufferer, but I’m willing to bet you lie somewhere in that range. Seriously, who doesn’t?! But just because they’re common doesn’t make them NBD. Both headaches and migraines alike are a BIG deal. They drain your energy, siphoning it slowly like a quiet thief. You may not notice it at first but all of a sudden….you aren’t you anymore. You’re tired and angry and ragey and you just can’t get everything out of life that you want, everything that you DESERVE. It’s not ok and it needs to stop.

After I overcame my battle with chronic illness my recurring migraines disappeared and with them went their little friend, the ever present headache. I seriously used to just cycle between the two. I’d struggle through 5 days straight of headaches followed by a major migraine followed by a one to two day break and then wash, rinse, and repeat. It was miserable and I’m so very glad those days are behind me, BUT no one’s perfect and life’s not perfect and all that jazz, so occasionally….RARELY….I still get minor headaches. Although I’m super pumped that they’re rare and all, they still completely suck. 

The day I went to meet with my Danodan friends to discuss our mutual passion for helping all of the world’s humans and animals and whatnot I had a mild headache. As time went by the mild headache got worse and worse, which is always fun. As luck would have it I was given a few bottles of their newest products to sample so I could try the different strengths. The first thing I did when I got home was take a single dose of their CBD. And magically, within 20 minutes, my headache completely faded away. Let’s be real though, it’s not magic, it’s science. CBD reduces inflammation and has powerful neuroprotective benefits. Since headache pain is mostly due to inflammation of the cranial tissues and blood vessels, CBD is able to calm the inflammation, and therefore the pain. Winner winner chicken dinner. 

If you haven’t given CBD a try yet but you suffer from headaches or migraines, this might be the best news you’ve read all day, because this news brings you HOPE. Hope that you don’t have to keep suffering, hope that maybe there’s a miracle cure out there that can bring you near instant relief, hope that this miracle cure won’t simultaneously destroy your liver’s glutathione stores and impair it’s functionality indefinitely with high use (I’m looking at you Tylenol) or have the potential to cause bleeding ulcers or kidney damage with high use (yeah that’s you Ibuprofen). 

So here’s to hope friends. Whether headaches and migraines are your “thing”, or something else is stealing your vitality, health, hope, and joy like a thief in the night, I hope you read these words and know, whatever your thing, there’s always HOPE. 


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