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If you’re a long time follower of mine you know my posts tend to be heavy on the science and heavy on the long. Like really long. If you’ve continued to read them despite those two strikes against me, bless your heart. I’ve got a treat in store for you guys, we’re going to take a little break from my long winded blogs and go on a journey together instead. A journey where, at some point, you’ll likely see yourself in my story. My desire is that perhaps you find a solution to what ails you here, or at the very least that you find hope that there IS a solution out there. 

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with the good folks at Danodan, an amazing local up and coming CBD company and although we do incredibly different work, we share a common goal. I am an integrative nutrition coach and I help people with all things health and wellness, and over at Danodan they hand craft plant medicines by squeezing CBD goodness into little bottles, but our common goal is this – we want to help suffering people feel better. What better way to reach a common goal than to work together? So over the next few months I’m partnering with them to take you on a journey. My journey with CBD. They’ll be sharing my posts, and I’ll be giving away some of their goods, so stay tuned for all the things coming your way. 

My very first encounter with CBD was several years ago when I was sick, really, really sick. I walked out of a top immunologist’s office with no answers. I had run dozens of tests, been poked and prodded with needles on countless occasions, tried a variety of medications (one that was $800 a month, so that was a fun waste of money), and eventually I was told by this top Dr, the one who was supposed to finally figure it out, after all the other Drs could not,  “I’m sorry but I just don’t know what’s wrong with you, or what to do about it.” 

That moment was a turning point in my life. I was fed up with conventional medicine and the complete lack of answers I received after truly giving it my all. I started to investigate the world of functional and naturopathic medicine instead, a world that looks to address the root cause, and a world with a deep toolbox. This toolbox encompasses, yet goes far beyond what CVS has to offer, as it includes nature’s medicines as well.  I took a deep dive into any and all research I could get my hands on to try and heal myself and one of the many discoveries I made was that CBD could reduce inflammation. Part of my illness at it’s core (which my Drs had at least figured out was autoimmune in nature) is extreme levels of inflammation. My immune system was running amok attacking everything in sight and leaving a trail of inflamed destruction in it’s wake. I started taking CBD each night and low and behold my stiffness, soreness and pain started to slowly dissipate. 

There’s a funny thing people do with their health…when it’s good they ignore it and only pay attention when it’s bad. I did that thing. I ran out of my CBD and forgot to get more. I was feeling good – I had started numerous therapies simultaneously to begin to address the root causes of my illness, I was potentially on the road to revovery! Yeah! Why would I need this one little supplement – right?! Wrong. So wrong. All that pain came back with a vengence, slowly building at first, until it was coursing through my entire body. Apparently I was quite dense at the time because it took feeling like I had been hit by a truck to finally realize….oh yeah, I ran out of CBD. So of course I went out and bought more and with it came symptom relief. And that my friends, was the start of my journey with CBD. 

If you missed one of my long aforementioned posts that focused on the robust scientific literature behind CBD you can check that out here, “Is CBD the New Kale?”

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