How to Start Your Day Off Right

Dec 04, 2020

We’ve all had days where it feels like we woke up on the wrong side of the bed and then the whole day goes downhill from there. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

There are a few simple things I do each day to start the day off RIGHT and avoid one of those days where everything seems to go wrong.



STEP ONE: when you wake up don’t go straight to your phone. 


Going straight to your phone will elevate your cortisol (the stress hormone) right out of the gate. 

I put my phone in airplane mode when I go to sleep at night and I don’t turn it back on until I’m ready to deal with my day! 






I like to drink a Keto coffee because it gives me nice steady energy with no crash, and lets me stay in fat-burning mode too. Click here for my full recipe! 

If it’s not too cold out I like to take my coffee outside and get some fresh air and sunlight (extra credit tip here: sunlight tells your pineal gland to stop secreting melatonin and helps reset your circadian rhythm so your brain and body get the message that it’s daytime and time to wake up and get to work!). While I’m sitting outside I like to do a morning devotional or read the bible. 



STEP THREE: hydrate. 

Hydration is so important for so many reasons, but it becomes even more important if you drink coffee, which can be dehydrating. I like to drink a special hydrating morning drink every morning. I made a video to show you exactly how I make it and what’s in it. You can check that out here!




STEP FOUR: good quality supplements

I have my supplements fully dialed in for total body optimization and I only use the highest quality supplements. There are some dangerously bad supplements out there. Make sure you read my blog before choosing a brand for yourself: The Shocking Truth About Supplements 





STEP FIVE: movement


Researchers are now saying “sitting is the new smoking” and most of us sit ALL. DAY. LONG. at work, so getting your movement is more important than ever!

Once I start my workday, I often don’t get out of my chair much at all for up to 9 hours straight. So I always make sure I work out before I start my day. It’s a great way to get your blood flow going, increase your BDNF (also known as brain derived neurotropic factor) which improves memory and cognition so you can kick butt at work all day! 





STEP SIX: get to work!

After I’ve completed all the steps above, I head to my office to start my workday.  I always try to make take time in the morning to set my day up for success before I sit down to pour myself into my work and my clients. 


You can’t give from an empty cup! Make sure to fill your cup first and start your day off right and I promise you’ll be better at whatever else you do the rest of the day! 





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