How to Avoid That Afternoon Slump

Dec 11, 2020

Far too many people get a complete energy crash in the middle of the day, and this is terrible because this is when we all need to have our best energy! The good news is there are ways to avoid this mid-day crash and I’m going to share them with you here, but make sure you read all the way till the end because there might be a few surprises in here! 



The blood sugar roller coaster 

One of the biggest keys to avoiding a mid-day slump is going to be what you eat. If you are putting the right types of balanced meals together you’re going to be able to have sustained energy without any crashes. 


To have balanced blood sugar you need to make sure your carbohydrate load isn’t too high at any given meal or snack. If you have a meal that’s pure carbs (think giant bowl of oatmeal with bananas, or donuts or bagels) without any fat or protein to slow that absorption, it’s just going to spike your blood sugar really high, which is then going to cause it to crash really low. 


If you start off your day with a high carb breakfast you’ll crash right around lunchtime and are more likely to crave carbs (this is your brain's way of trying to bring that blood glucose back up!) and you’re likely to refuel with a bunch of carbs at lunch and then you’re going to crash again around 3 pm (notice the cycle here?) when you still need to be productive at work. 



How to get off the roller coaster

So what can you do to get off the blood sugar roller coaster? Pair the right foods together. Make sure that every meal you eat has a balanced amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. All three should be present at every single thing you eat. This is going to give you maximum stable energy throughout the day.

An example of this would be scrambled eggs with cheese (aka protein and fat) and blueberries (aka carbs) for breakfast, or a big salad with olives and avocados (fat) and grilled chicken (protein) and a side of fresh fruit (carbs). Make sure each meal is well rounded and your blood sugar, and therefore your energy, will be much more balanced. 


Can coffee stay or go?

I’m actually not at all opposed to caffeine. In fact, I really like coffee and have several videos on the best coffee to choose from and the best ways to prepare it

But here’s the deal,  you can’t depend on coffee alone for energy, otherwise, you’ll end up drinking coffee all day every day which is a really great way to end up with adrenal fatigue. 


So what should you do instead? One of my favorite drinks to avoid a mid-afternoon crash is Organifi red juice. It’s packed with energizing adaptogens to give you a healthy boost and work with your body instead of forcing it into a caffeine high which can drain your adrenals, rather than supporting them as the adaptogens can. You can try Organifi with a sweet discount using my code KBWELLNESS here!



Movement is key

Sitting still at a desk all day is another great way to end up feeling fatigued. If you can, every hour, set your alarm and take a quick movement break. Even if it’s just doing a few squats at your desk or going for a walk around your office! Anything to get your blood flowing is helpful.

Scientists are calling sitting “the new smoking” because of how terrible it is for you! So either grab a treadmill desk, or do a few squats, but whatever you do, get moving for a little bit throughout the day. 



Bone crushing fatigue isn’t normal

These tips should help tremendously, but if they don’t and you’re still tired, or if you have all day fatigue instead of just a “mid-day slump” it’s definitely time to put in some work to reverse that. You don’t have to feel this way and it is not normal! 


I developed a free energy guide I’d love for you to grab here so you can start feeling better TODAY!


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